The Modern Agent

Realtor Arena will break down legitimate business solutions and show you how to generate a 25% increase in closed transactions year-over-year. Get actionable insights and start working smarter, not harder.

Course Overview

Streamline Processes

Implement systems that enable you to work more efficiently over time. The little things will no longer prevent you from succeeding with the bigger picture.

Build A MarTech Stack

Discover how a well-built marketing technology stack will enable you to conduct new advertising practices and improve your outreach long-term.

Scale Your Business

Create a foundation that allows you to strategically build your business and avoid common growing pains that business owners experience.

Evolution of the Realtor

The entire real estate landscape is changing rapidly. The days of a Realtor being a transaction extraordinaire and clients relying on you for property information are long gone. The likes of Zillow, Trulia,,, etc. have changed the way consumers digest property information. Those who oppose it will fade. Those who embrace it will climb. The modern agent is a digital marketing guru, expert negotiator, contact database administrator, business development manager, on-demand home information consultant, and lifelong student all tied into one.

What sets you apart? Is it the "superior level of service" that thousands of other Realtors claim? At a certain threshold, the vast majority of Realtors will max out on their ability to provide superior service simply because there is not enough time in the day and not enough hands on deck. The agents that simply work hard to increase their transactions year-over-year will experience short-term success. The agents that work smart will create a sustainable business model to scale strategically over the course of an entire professional career.

Learn Everything, Conquer Anything

The building is only as tall as the foundation is strong enough to build on. Learn how to reconstruct your business workflows from the ground up and reveal your true potential. You will take away real systems and processes using applications that successful companies are utilizing every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Realtor Arena offers a free, one-time strategy session to discuss particular areas of your business that will benefit from working with Realtor Arena. This 30-minute strategy session is easy for you to schedule.

Craig LeBlanc, Consultant & Founder of Realtor Arena, has worked in an array of Real Estate environments over the course of his career. Craig has experience as a licensed Realtor, IT Manager at multiple Real Estate companies, and has built a subscription-based digital marketing product exclusively for Realtors. Craig's course offerings have been refined over time through direct client relationships with hundreds of Realtors. 

The Modern Agent will take between 30-45 days on average to complete. The course consists of 8 different categories, each containing 3 sub-categories. Each category is locked until the previous one is completed.

Just about every topic within The Modern Agent will give you either a public link to templates that you can clone or blueprints to work directly off of when designing systems and processes for yourself. 

Once you sign up for a course or subscription, all questions and comments can be submitted through our support help desk or by email and will be responded to in a timely manner.

It's quick and painless. The only thing due up front is the 1st monthly payment of your subscription. From there, it will take between 7-10 business days for your entire suite of products to be delivered. Once launched, you'll receive a fully integrated IDX real estate website, a monthly e-newsletter, the ability to send out SMS texts, and automatic sharing of new listings and blog content on a monthly basis.

You have lifelong access to the courses you signed up for. In addition to this, you will become a part of the Realtor Arena Facebook group to allow for collaboration with other like-minded individuals. 

Our system can detect suspicious login attempts from multiple IP addresses. With that being said, it is not allowed and your service will be discontinued if it is found that your login credentials are being shared with others.


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