Craig prides himself on his ability to understand and implement an array of different marketing tactics and technology practices spread among various industries. His real estate industry experience spans over 7+ years and consists of roles including licensed Realtor, IT Manager for multiple real estate companies, and creator of a subscription-based digital marketing product exclusively for Realtors.


Over the years, Craig witnessed first-hand the dramatic disconnect between Realtors and the proper use of technology and marketing in their business model. While many attributed this issue directly to a skillset that was lacking or an inability to understand systems and processes, Craig recognized the underlying problem. 


Today's agent is expected to wear multiple hats to succeed as a savvy business owner. The constant grind makes it extremely difficult for any Realtor to dedicate time towards building a new skill set with little to no direction. Craig's industry experience and direct client relationships with hundreds of Realtors has led to the development of a course that will help in overcoming these struggles.


Craig created The Modern Agent to provide a thorough breakdown of proven tools and practices that will help Realtors build for long-term success. He doesn't recommend a product and say "give it a shot" or list out 10 reasons why it is great. Craig dissects the most valuable features of specific systems and provides real examples, templates, and blueprints that can be incorporated into your business immediately.


Book your strategy session with Craig and find out how The Modern Agent can take your business to new heights.

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